Marketing and Social Media Director

Marketing and Social Media Director
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Job Description

The Communications Director is responsible for the overall development, integration and implementation of all marketing, communications, and social media for Exponential.

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Job Responsibilities
Responsibilities include:
  • Marketing - all materials distributed for the purpose of helping leaders become aware of and connected to the content and resources offered through Exponential.
  • Content (Original and Aggregated) - all materials distributed through Exponential for the purpose of resourcing church planting leaders. Original Content is created / produced by Exponential while Aggregated Content is syndicated through others. Distributing content-- from conference speakers to eBooks to learning communities to podcasts to online courses-- is at the core of Exponential's mission to resource church planting leaders.
  • Information and Data - Where marketing and content as defined above are primary materials distributed externally of Exponential, information and data are materials distributed internally in Exponential for the purpose of enhancing our team's effectiveness in accomplishing our mission to resource church planting leaders.
  • Aggregate, Moderate, Distribute (our core strategy) - we seek to come alongside church planting ministries and leaders to accelerate what God is already doing through them. We are not in competition with anyone, but rather seek to equip leaders across a broad spectrum of tribes. Instead of highlighting and championing one model or approach, we seek to platform a broad range of what God is up to around the US and increasingly the world. Just as the Chamber of Commerce is a national champion and advocate for businesses without being in competition with businesses, we seek to be an advocate for church planting. Our core strategy is to aggregate thought leadership from 100s of leaders and ministries, initiate and moderate conversations around the content, and distribute the content as broadly and comprehensively as possible.
  • Media - Content takes numerous different forms in both our internal and external communications. Examples include:
    • Print Media - all printed materials including but not limited to brochures, VIP letters, ticket cards, direct mail cards, event program books, press releases, etc.
    • Web and Digital Media - all digital materials (i.e. delivered in computer 1s and 0s rather than printed form) including web sites, conference micro-sites, conference mobile sites, weekly eNewsletters, banner ads, partner emails, eBooks, online courses, webinars, podcasts, Planterapp Assessment software, etc.
    • Social Media - all inherently viral forms of media that can easily migrate beyond one leader's inbox, including Twitter Posts, RSS Feeds / Blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  • Brand - how we are known and perceived by those we serve through consistent and deliberate communications including the key words we use, colors, fonts, patterns, etc. Our brand is integrally tied with whatever reputation we have for delivering what we promise.
  • Public Relations (PR) and Networking - Intentional and proactive actions to connect with specific leaders to let them know about specific things and to maintain strong relationships with those we serve. For us, these tend to be personal via relationships, phone conversations, personal letters and notes, etc. Where much of our marketing is via mass distribution, PR and Networking seeks to intersect a relationship on our team with another leader for the purpose of distributing information. When we need strategic or specific help from others, we've found it far more effective to use one-on-one approaches via personal interaction rather than more informal means such as emails. We maintain a "VIP List" of over 1,000 leaders from across the country. We seek to connect as directly with these leaders as possible.
  • Yearly Theme Related Resources - Approximately 1.5 years in advance, we define a theme for the conference cycle. We seek to align our conferences, eBooks, etc. to the overall theme. Our goal is to help facilitate and influence a yearlong national conversation around the theme. We've found ourselves with a stewardship role in maximizing the impact of these conversations. We are in need of expanding the quantity of content distributed around the theme (e.g. podcasts, webinars, articles, etc.) AND markedly increasing the "moderation" of the conversations.
  • Subscriptions - A primary measure of our success in distributing content is the growth of our various subscriptions including Twitter followers, Facebook likes, RSS subscribers, newsletter subscribers, etc. Subscriptions play a vital role in our ability to have an ever-expanding distribution of resources to more leaders. As subscriptions increase, we let more people know about new resources. As new resources are debuted, we get new subscribers. Subscribers and content distribution are integrally tied.
  • Marketing and Social Media Campaigns - These are normally short-term focused efforts to blitz one specific media channel to "inject' viral messaging about a specific resource. These include but are not limited to Twitter campaigns, Blog Tours, etc.
  • Integrated Marketing and Social Media Strategy - A high-level document defining key elements of our communications strategy, how they interrelate, and what our specific priorities are in a given time period.
  • Seasonal Strategies and Action Plans - These are concrete action plans with specific actions, due dates, responsible person assigned, etc. These action plans are used to manage and track our implementation of time sensitive actions across all our various events and initiatives. The Communications Director is responsible for managing these actions plans, serving as the "Project Manager" of our integrated communications plans. These action plans essentially put concrete action to our overall integrated communications strategy.
  • Communications - the integration and balancing act of leveraging and maximizing the impact of all the things listed above.
Facts about the city
Carolina Beach is a beach town on the coast of North Carolina near Wilmington, NC.   The population was 5,706 at the 2010 census. The greater Wilmington area has an airport and population of approximately 110,000. Carolina Beach offers an original kind of beach experience from the past combined with a fun, family-friendly spin for today. You can experience a vintage, nationally-recognized seaside boardwalk, live music, miles of beautiful beach, world-class fishing, one-of-a kind festivals and events, and all kinds of people united by good times that are unmistakably Carolina Beach.
Required Skills & Education
The following are required skills:
  • Solid verbal communication skills, including the ability to formulate and articulate thoughts;
  • Solid interpersonal skills and team leadership abilities;
  • Solid written communication skills, including the ability to write articles, blog posts and newsletters, proof read and edit publications, and create written strategies and action plans;
  • Proficient with existing social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Periscope;
  • Proficient with software applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint;
  • Ability to manage action lists and coordinate the efforts of others;
Work Environment
Exponential has offices in Carolina Beach, NC and Manassas, VA.  Depending on the applicants experience, this role can be accomplished remotely.
Variable dependent on experience.
Application Process
If you are already registered with PlanterApp...
  • Visit and Login to your account
  • If you are already affiliated with Exponential Staff, proceed through the online Application Phases.
  • If you are not affiliated with Exponential Staff, change your affiliation (link at top of page) to Exponential Staff, and proceed through the online Application Phases
If you are not registered with PlanterApp...
  • Click on “Apply for Job” below and then click on “Link to PlanterApp"
  • Fill out the registration form, including requesting Affiliation with “Exponential Staff”, and click “Create Account"
  • You will receive a welcome email. Proceed through the online Application Phases.
If you have any questions, email
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Here's how to apply:

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