Who We Are

PlanterJobs is a FREE tool offered by Exponential targeted at people looking for church planting jobs (church plants, support organizations, ministries). 

Church Planters and More

If you’re a church planter or an organization that is looking for church planters and church planting staff, this is the place for you to list your job openings. We’re built a search tool (Find Jobs) that displays positions matching search filters selected by the users to immediately show results. Right now these results are sorted by posting date though we will add a sorting feature soon.

Visitors can click on any posting and see the full job listing.  For example, click on the Stadia Executive Pastor sample listing on the home page.  These postings are a chance to really tell visitors about the organization and the job opportunity that awaits them.


Organizations (e.g., Acts29, NAMB, ARC, Stadia, NewThing, Orchard, etc.) can create a free organizational account.  Here they can enter key information including organization vision, values, promo video, logo, tagline, etc.   The organization can then create as many job postings as they want. Postings can be generic OR specific, i.e., you can advertise for planters across the US or for a specific city.   The organizational info will automatically be pulled into the sidebar.  The job listing information is custom for each job. 

Click here to create an account.

One of our goals is to raise the bar on how organizations are promoting and “selling” the church planting positions.  Most church planting job listings are very underwhelming.   PlanterJobs hopes to change that.

Each job posting gives 4 different ways for candidate to proceed to applying for the job.   By email, by phone, by link to org web site, or by applying through our new PlanterApp system.